Spring Home and Garden Jobs that add value

Exterior renovations can boost the appearance of a property and make it more enjoyable for homeowners. Particular renovations have the capability to add value to a home, while others might do the opposite. Learning which you have the most significant return on investment might help homeowners select characteristics which will have the most favorable effects.

Curb appeal goes a long way toward attracting potential buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, initial impressions of a property have a strong influence on buyers. Landscaping and outside features can do much to affect these impressions.

Lawn care program: Purchasing a lawn care program which is made up of compost and weed control program and can be transferred over to another home owner is an attractive feature. NAR says this type of care program can recover $1,000 in value of their $330 average cost, or a 303 percent ROI.

Low-maintenance lifestyle: When selecting materials for jobs, the ones that offer low-maintenance benefits can be preferential. These contain pre-assembled patio materials, composite decking, vinyl fencing, and inorganic mulched beds.

Fire pit: A fire pit can be used for much of the year. In the summer and spring, the firepit is a great place to congregate to roast marshmallows or sip wine and gaze into the fire. In the fall, the fire pit can make for a cozy retreat. A fire pit which has a gas burner is low-maintenance, and also the National Association of Landscape Professionals says that most can recover about $4,000 of the $6,000 average price tag.

Softscaping: Hardscaping refers to constructions such as outdoor kitchens or decks and outdoor decorative rock. Softscaping involves the living elements of this landscape. Employing a landscape designer to put in trees, shrubs, natural rock, and rock elements can work wonders toward improving the appearance and value of a home.

Pool or water feature: In certain markets, especially hot climates, a pool or another water feature is a must-have. However, in other regions where outdoor time is limited, a pool or water feature can really lower the value of a home. Speaking with a real estate professional can give homeowners an idea of how a pool will fare in a specific neighborhood.

Outdoor improvements can improve the marketability of a home, in addition to enhance its appearance and function.