《The Mating Pact (Book 1 of Gray Crest Pack Series)》[The Mating Pact (Book 1 of Gray Crest Pack Series)] - Ch-4 Unwanted Rescuer


”Cora! Cora! ” I blinked and turned my eyes blankly to the direction of the voice screaming my name. Maya raised her brow at me, her eyes flitting to my front. I frowned and followed her gaze, finding nothing weird in particular.

”What? ” I demanded.

”We are way too full today, ” She rolled her eyes. ”Can you see? And two of the waiting staff are already absent. We need to hustle before customers start complaining or the old dog comes in and gives us an earful. So, giddy up, please. Just his voice makes me want to puke. ”

She was talking about the owner of this coffee shop, Mr. Kinderman. He was a first-class asshole and everyone, even sometimes the customers, hated him. Reminded me of Scrooge from Christmas Carol.

”Right. Sorry, ” I muttered, grabbing my notepad and pen. ”I will go and take the orders. ”

”Good. We need to talk during lunch, ” She shot me a pointed look before trodding off to serve the orders.

Scowling and annoyed with my waywardness, I plastered a smile on my face and started going about my pointless job. In all honesty, I hated this. It was my and Mayas shared dream to own a place like this one day. Our own place with no dictating, rude Mr. Kinderman riding our ass. We would do everything the way we wanted to freely. The decor, the menu, everything according to our taste.

We even have a small notebook where we have collected the cut-outs for decor ideas and written down everything that we want our cafe to have. It was still wishful thinking because every time we applied for a loan, we had been rejected. Maya is still yet to hear from one last application, so I was refusing to be pessimistic just yet. I had put aside all my savings so far for our cafe, but still, it was nowhere close to being enough.All my fathers assets were seized by the f*****g pack so I was left with next to nothing. The more I thought about this, the more I felt like strangling someone to death.

”Maya told me you slept with Logan. ” I cringed as Derek smirked at me, waiting to take Maya out for lunch and apartment hunting.

He was her mate, another lone wolf like us. Turns out, we don quite live in the world we think we do because, even after leaving the pack and deciding to live a simple human life, I have encountered several werewolves hidden among the humans and living their lives just the way we were. I was convinced after seeing them and not to forget my own experience that this entire werewolf pack thing was an exaggerated notion.

Anyway, after being together for three years, Derek and Maya were ready to tie the knot in two months. Sometimes, when I look at them, I feel a little envy, of course in a good way. They loved each other like fools and were about to create the most perfect life together. Even though I had not the slightest intention of finding my mate, ever, it still fascinated me to see the beautiful bond and the insane attraction between them. Sometimes they get so loud that I can hear them upstairs.

”I did NOT know it was Logan, ” I pointed out. ”And no need to look like that. Its done and over with. ”

”Is it? ” Maya inquired, leaning in to kiss Derek before turning her beautiful dark eyes on me. She was half Indian and half American and was one freaking mesmerizing woman. Her dusky skin and shiny black hair made me jealous to no extent.

”It is, ” I said firmly. Of course, she didn buy that.

”Are you sure you don want to come with us for lunch? ” She asked.

”No. Danny had brought me a burger already. Plus, somebody needs to fill in for you, ” I answered with a wave. ”Go, find your dream home. See ya, later! ” Maya gave me a look again and I waved her away, watching with a smile as she hooked her arm with Dereks and headed out, excitedly mumbling something to him.

”You know, I don think the whole mate thing is that bad, ” Daniel prompted, leaning over the counter. ”They seem to be doing just fine. ”

”Yeah? Why don you find yours then? ” I inquired, rolling my eyes.

”As if its that easy, ” Daniel made a face. ”Remember, I am gay? ”

”And gay wolves are not allowed to have mates? ” I asked skeptically. ”You just need to look hard, Dan. And leave the past in the past. I am sure there is someone wonderful waiting for you right around the corner. ”He snorted in response.

We met Daniel some three years ago. Just like us, he was all alone and lost, abandoned by his pack for being homosexual. Not really abandoned because he was the one who ran away from there after enduring all kinds of abuse for years. We immediately found a kindred spirit in each other and now we are a trio.

”And what about you? ” He demanded. ”You are surprisingly optimistic about everyone but yourself, I have noticed. ”

”I will find another Eric. ” I giggled even though it wasn funny.

”Speaking of the devil, ” Daniel grimaced, his eyes fixed behind me. I turned around and scowled as Eric stared back at us, his face hard. I think he was on supply duty today or just avoiding me altogether.

”We need to talk, Cora, ” Eric said.

”Why? What is there to talk about? ” I muttered, ignoring him as I went about my work.

”Lets take this outside. ” He prompted, grabbing my arm. I shot him a glare but he didn seem to be in the mood to back off. Glancing around, I pulled my arm away and motioned him to lead the way. I don want him creating a scene here and costing me my f*****g job.

”Do you want me to come? ” Daniel asked. Between Eric and him, I believe the latter had better chances which was why it wasn a good idea to involve him.

”I got this, ” I gave him a thumbs up and headed out.

”What? ”I demanded tartly. ”Spit it out, I don have a billion years on me. ”

”Don you feel like you should be apologizing to me? ” Eric hissed, looking pissed. I blinked at him, appalled, and I have to say he has some guts to say that.

”Excuse me? ” I scoffed. ”Icaughtyou**ing the bloody red-head behind my back while bitching about me and you think I should be apologizing? Do you think I am an i***t? Do you think I didn know what you have been doing behind my back? I just didn want this to be another epic failure, otherwise, I would have kicked you out a long time ago. f**k off, Eric, before I make things worse for you. ”

He glared at me and before I could turn to head inside, he grabbed my hand and started pulling me back towards the alley that leads to the garbage dumping area or something.

”What the f**k are you doing? ” I exclaimed, trying to pull away from his grasp.

”You left me f*****g humiliated! ”Eric snapped, finally halting. I was actually a bit perplexed. I don remember I have ever seen him this mad before.

”Seriously Eric, before I kill you…let go of my hand, ” I muttered, trying to sound nonchalant.

”I am going to teach you a lesson today. ” He said, his voice frigid, and I frowned as he waved his hand, shooting me an evil sneer. My eyes widened as suddenly, from behind the boxes and the big garbage bins, four huge ass men walked out. And I absolutely did not like the look of them.

”What the hell! ” I cried out, shooting them a glare. ”Let me f*****g call the cops. ”

I shuffled around for my phone but before I could, Eric grabbed my hand and landed a tight slap on my cheek. The blow was so hard that I toppled over on the floor and I could hear a weird ringing in my ears. Before I could react, I felt the insanely familiar scent invading my senses.

Musk and pine needles.

No. I must be mistaken. I blinked up and familiar golden-brown eyes peered down at me. His face was hard as stone as he searched mine. Okay, was I having a concussion or what? What the f**k was he doing here? He of all the people.


”Who the f**k are you? ” Eric demanded, distracting us. Logan shot him a deadly look before grabbing my arm and gently hauling me up. I didn like the look on his face.His eyes turned a weird color as he glared at Eric and his goons.

Crap. If he loses it and phases here, we will be in deep s**t. There were CCTVs all around. How would I explain a perfectly fine man suddenly turning into a wolf? This was not his pack territory. This was New York City for gods sake.

”I don need your help! ” I protested furiously.

But I think I was invisible to him or something. He grabbed my arm and pushed me back behind him before taking a menacing step toward Eric. He was tall enough but still, Logan seemed to be towering in front of him. Not to forget that Eric was on the much leaner side when compared to him. He was really so dead.

”How dare you touch her? ” His voice was calm yet so threatening that a shiver ran down