《The Mating Pact (Book 1 of Gray Crest Pack Series)》[The Mating Pact (Book 1 of Gray Crest Pack Series)] - Ch-3 Plan

I knew this was a long shot. In fact, probably one of the stupidest plans anyone has ever thought of. But from my perspective, it seemed perfect. If…if I can pull it off, that is. It was not going to be easy. Unlike human relationships, we as werewolves work in a much different way. Faking a mate bond would need an impeccable level of acting. Anyone, especially the elders, could see and tell if there was even a tiny crack.

But I was desperate. Literally desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures. I was stepping into twenty-seven in two days. To humans, that might be nothing. But in our world, and for someone like me, an alpha, that was a time when you are ready to become a father. Or were already a father in most cases. But here I was, still mateless. Forget about children.

I turned the moment I stepped into sixteen, so technically I should have found a mate a million years ago. When I crossed twenty and still didn find a mate, my parents assured me that it could be a bit late for some. Just like puberty. But as years went by, everyone started to get wary, especially my father, and now people were starting to talk behind my back, which was a shame for me and for a pack like mine.

My father was still serving as the alpha regent because I was yet to take the oath. I cannot be an official alpha and rule without my luna beside me. Neither of my brothers, Noah twenty-five, and Asher twenty-three, had any intention of finding a mate either so that one of them could take over at least. Noah had his reasons and Asher would rather f**k around than be with someone for the rest of his life. And neither would my father accept that. He has trainedmein particular to be the next alpha of the Gray Crest pack. The responsibility was immense and I did not want to fail him.

I needed a luna. ASAP.

”Do you even hear yourself? ” Noah exclaimed, looking bewildered. ”You want to hire someone to pose as your luna. Wait…did you hear that now? ”

”I heard everything loud and clear, ” I answered. ”But do I have a choice? We have to head home soon. My trip to Calebs pack was again the perfect failure and, just so you know, I am still mateless. Did you not hear what father said? I had better get back home with a mate, Noah. He meant it, ”

”This is still insane, ” Noah protested. ”Tell him you will wait till the mating ball. What are six more months? ”

”People are calling me mateless, ” I said silently, cringing as the words left my mouth. ”If I go back, that would be confirmed. Maybe no one will say anything in front of me, but words will spread. Not only will it hinder our reputation as the leading, most powerful pack, but it will also give enemies an opportunity to think we are weak. Remember, alpha is nothing without his luna. And whats the guarantee that I will find a mate at the mating ball? At least by doing this I would have some excuse to cover up for myself. A mateless alpha…how does that sound to you? ”

”But… ” Noah scowled. ”This is crazy. ”

”I don see why its so bad, ” Asher commented. ”I mean, its just six months. They will fuss for the first few weeks and then nobody gives a damn. All he needs to do is train the girl, thats all. Act all lovey-dovey and I don know all that stuff. ”

”And where the f**k will he find the right girl? ” Noah demanded, raising a brow at Asher. ”On Tinder? Do you think a mate bond is something to make fun of? Do you think a human girl will be able to understand the complexities of our world and the duties of a luna? The moment the word werewolf leaves his mouth, she would be running for the hills, Ash. And where the hell will he find a she-wolf in this gigantic city? ”

”He said he had already found one, ” Asher pointed out, glancing at me.

”He is drunk, ” Noah rolled his eyes. ”He just woke up naked in some strangers apartment a few hours ago. What do you expect? ”

”Woah…really? ” Asher exclaimed, looking excited. Between the three of us, he was the womanizer, the spoilt youngest child.Noah was way too serious for his age and I simply did not have the time.

”Yeah, ” I nodded my head. ”And yes, there is someone. I think she would be a perfect candidate. Or maybe not. I don know. Shes my best bet. That is all I can say. ” I couldn feel the conviction in my words, but she indeed was my best bet. There was no one who could fit the role as perfectly as her in such a short time.

”Huh? ” Noah frowned. ”What do you mean? I don understand. ”

”Today when you called me, I was at…Coras. Apparently, she was the brunette chick. ” I answered and I couldn help the reluctant smile that spread on my lips at the mention of her name.

Little Rara is all grown up now. A long silence spread through the room as Noah and Asher blankly stared at me. It was understandable because that was exactly what my reaction was. Its been ten years since we all saw her. And to find her in New York of all the places, I was still yet to wrap my head around that.

”Co…Cora? ” Noah broke the silence first. ”Cora Scott? ”

”Rara! ” Asher exclaimed, eyes wide. I slowly nodded my head.

”Yep, ” I nodded. ”All grown up now though. ”

”f*****g hell, ” Noah whispered. ”What in…here? ”

”That was what I am surprised about as well, ” I said. ”I was blown away when I saw her. ”

”Oh, its been so long, ” Asher murmured with a smile. ” I missed her so much. I want to meet her too. ”

”I don really feel she would like to meet any of us, ” I mumbled, scratching my head as I remembered her behavior towards me earlier.

”Could we blame her? ” Noah said, giving me a look. ”Did you forget what happened ten years back? It was disgusting. And in that case, what makes you so sure that she would agree to this arrangement of yours? She might not even want to be anywhere near us, let alone spend the next six months with the pack pretending to be your luna. ”

”I don know, ” I shrugged. ”I guess I have to beg her or find out some way that she has to agree to it somehow. Maybe for old times sake? ” Noah let out a scoff at that.

”We can plead too if you want, ” Asher added. ”Unlike you, she might not say no to us. ”

”No, ” I shook my head. ”I don want to overwhelm her. Its been ten years after all. I will deal with this. I just need to make a few calls and see what would be my best option. I might also need a contract to be prepared. Something tells me she would want that if she agreed. Chart the terms and conditions of this relationship. What I get out of it and what she does. ”

”This feels like a movie, ” Asher guffawed, shutting up as Noah shot him a look.

”You are really determined about this, ” Noah said drily. He wasn half as enthusiastic as Asher. And that was understandable because Noah was more sensible. He knew how this entire plan could blow up straight in my face. But I had no other way. I gave him a nod.

”Yes, I am, ” I replied. ”I am going back home with my luna. If not fated, then…rented. ”

Trodding into my study, I shut the door and dialed my secretary, Harper White. Apart from managing a pack, I had to look after our various businesses as well. Unlike the pack where all our duties were clearly divided down to the last in the chain, the omegas, when it came to our businesses, all three of us, that is me, Noah, and Asher were equally responsible.

The money from the business, of course, went to the welfare of the pack, in expansion and strengthening it. After all, it was not some small pack comprising of a handful of members. Gray Crest was the strongest, largest and wealthiest pack in the country. The reason is that we had some kind of royal lineage or something. I slept through most of the history lessons anyway. The only other pack that gave us a fight was that of the Lycans ruling in the south. We don mess with each other.They were Lycans. The reason was obvious.

We weren literally royalty anymore, but when it came to assessing the net worth of all the packs, nobody has ever surpassed us in the last several deca