《The Mating Pact (Book 1 of Gray Crest Pack Series)》[The Mating Pact (Book 1 of Gray Crest Pack Series)] - Ch-2 Ultimatum


Hell, does my head hurt?

I reluctantly sat up, feeling like fifty shades of s**t, and begrudgingly opened my eyes. A string of indecent epitaphs left my mouth as bright sunlight hit my eyes. It took a good five minutes before I could adjust my vision and once it did, I stared around blankly.

Where the hell was I?

This was not my bedroom. And most definitely not the pack house. The familiar scent was missing. This was a different scent. And this place was much smaller than the packhouse or my bedroom. I peeked out of the window and discovered huge buildings as far as I could see. I could hear the traffic, too.

No, really, where was I?

I found myself in a small, scattered, and funny-smelling bedroom. There was nothing else to say. There were several BTS posters on the wall which I cannot help but roll my eyes at. Clothes were thrown around almost everywhere. My eyes widened as I spotted mine lying on the floor. One quick inspection and I realized I was naked.

Okay, so I was sleeping naked in a strangers bed in this strangely dirty bedroom. Why in f**ks name? As if to answer my question, I heard the familiar caller tune of my cellphone and after searching around, I spotted it lying on the floor as well. Irritated, I leaned over and grabbed it, relief flooding through me at seeing the name flashing on the screen.

”I am in a strangers bedroom. Naked. And I do not remember a bloody thing, ” I said before my younger brother could even speak. ”What am I missing? ”

”Thats why you shouldn get drunk like that, alpha, ” Noah whistled. ”For someone so high and mighty, you have a pathetic tolerance. ”

”Will you get to the point? My head hurts like hell and my mouth tastes like vomit. Trust me, this is not the time, ” I grimaced. ”What happened? ”

”How the hell would I know? You disappeared last night. I was worried about you, but Asher said you left with some brunette chick. Its probably her place, ” Noah answered.

”Wait…brunette chick? Last night? What are you saying? ” I grumbled, pinching the bridge of my nose.

”We went to a club together. To celebrate your twenty-seventh birthday in advance. We are in New York for business. You had way too many cans of beer and a fair share of vodka. Then I left to pee and when I got back, you were gone. Asher told me you were dancing with some girl. Then you left. The end, ” He replied. ”Rings a bell? ”

I let his words sink in. Once it does, blurry images from last night flood into my brain and I stare blankly out of the window, processing it all. Right. That girl. What was her name? I don think I caught it. How did she look? I don think I caught that either. But something about her was very familiar. Thats why I was drawn to her. I just don know what. I remember stumbling into her on the dance floor. And then…nothing.

”Okay, I remember a little now, ” I muttered.

”Did you sleep with her? ” Noah demanded, sounding bored. I shot a glance at my clothes lying on the floor and added my naked glory to the equation. I presumed the answer was a big yes to that.

”I believe so, ” I replied, rubbing my face.

”Yay! You got laid, ” Noah said sarcastically. ”Now get your ass back to the hotel before dad calls. If he finds out that you are sleeping around with some unknown human girl instead of mate hunting, you are going to be screwed. And so will we all. And if he finds out that your visit to the Sanguis Pack was an epic failure again… ”

”He won if you guys keep your mouth shut, ” I snapped, my stomach churning at the prospect of facing my father. ”And what hotel are we booked in? ”

”I will text you the details. Jesus, ” Noah sighed. ”Be quick, ”

I cut the call and scowled. Life was getting messier for me as of late. Gingerly, I climbed down from the bed and gathered my clothes, idly wondering where the brunette girl was. I hoped she had left or something. If she expects something to come out of what happened last night, none of which I remembered, it would be another mess I had no intentions of dealing with. I already had enough.

Once clothed, I strolled over to the bathroom and quickly splashed some cold water on my face to knock some sense into my fudgey brain. My eyes drifted to my reflection in the mirror above the vanity, and I scowled again. I looked like crap. I felt like crap too. Shaking my head, I wiped my face with a handkerchief and walked out, instantly freezing as I spotted a dark-haired girl sitting on the bed. Her back was to me, so I contemplated whether I should just silently sneak out. And even though her back was to me, there was that innate familiarity crawling into my being again.

The thought was appealing, but I knew that would be wrong. Instead, I decided to act calm and collected as if nothing happened. So we got drunk and slept together, big deal. Happens every day in a city like New York, isn it?

”Uh, I had to use the bathroom. I hope you don mind, ” I muttered awkwardly. ”I don think I picked up your name last night. By the way, Im Logan. ” She didn turn around right away, and I wondered if she even heard me. I noticed her shoulders sag before she squared them again, finally deciding to face me.

Familiar hazel eyes stared back at me, her lips pressed into a thin line as we appraised each other. Neither of us said anything at all. I don know what she was thinking, but I was surely in a fair amount of shock. There must be a mistake. I have to be mistaken. This couldn be her, could it?

I mean, the last time I saw her, she was a tiny fifteen-year-old girl with pimples. I most definitely don see pimples on the woman standing in front of me. She was taller too, maybe 57 or 58. Her long dark hair was now chopped into messy shoulder-length waves.

And the girl I was assuming her to be most definitely wouldn have looked at me the way this woman was. Like she would love to strangle me or something. But how do I ignore the familiar scent that was buried somewhere in the back of my conscience for the last ten years? That was what was familiar about her. Her scent.It was still the same as I remembered, which was weird given her upbringing since I last saw her.

”Cora? ” I croaked. ”Cora Scott? ”

”Hello, Logan, ” she said without an ounce of enthusiasm.

”It is you! ” I mumbled and, frankly, I had no idea how to explain what I was feeling. I almost reached out and hugged her, but something inside me held me back, and just like her, I stood there with a blank look.

”The doors over there. I believe you can show