《The Mating Pact (Book 1 of Gray Crest Pack Series)》[The Mating Pact (Book 1 of Gray Crest Pack Series)] - Prologue


10 years ago

The room was buzzing with tension and anxiety. I could feel it crawling into my skin as I took everything in. The sheer number of people gathered around just to punish my father. Punish him for something he hasn even done. Loud murmurs echoed around, accompanied by dirty looks in his direction. It was so disturbing that I was tempted to s****m. But I knew that would make everything just worse.

Finally, elder Zardes, the oldest member of the Council, stood up and took the atmosphere in before clearing his throat to grab everyones attention. In a few seconds, all eyes were focused on him.

”After a thorough investigation, we have gathered that beta Anthony Scott of the Gray Crest Pack has been found guilty of residing with the rogues and plotting an attack on his pack, causing much destruction and loss of life. He has betrayed his alpha and his family, as has been proved by the pieces of evidence we have seen. On alpha Josephs request, we rest the choice of punishment for beta Anthony and his family with him. ”

Again, a string of loud murmurs escaped from everyone. I couldn breathe with anxiety and reflexively my eyes drifted to the young boy standing opposite me. His face was impassive as he stared at the two men gathered in the center.

”What is your decision, Joseph? ” The old man asked, raising his brow.

Everyone gathered around, the council members and the pack members, and even the jury, all waiting with bated breath for the final decision, for justice to be served to the Gray Crest Pack. Justice that was based on lies and false accusations and fake pieces of evidence.

Their eyes were stuck on the man standing in the center, the almighty alpha of the strongest werewolf pack in the country. His eyes were dark as he turned to my father kneeling in front of him.

”I did not do anything, ” he begged. ”Please, Joseph, trust me. They are framing me. I will never commit such a sin. I can even think of betraying you or my family. Please, believe me…please… ”

”Its too late for that, Anthony, ” Joseph muttered. ”For the sins you have committed, I, alpha Joseph Gray of the Gray Crest Pack, order you and your family to be banished from the pack and our territories forever. I declare you a traitor and a felon as of today. Considering our friendship, I am sparing your and your familys lives. You will no longer hold the title of a beta anymore. You and your family will be considered a part of the rogues now. Thats my decision and should be brought into effect immediately. ”

Dismay and horror flooded through me as I watched these selfish people my father called family agree with the alphas decision, throwing c