《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - The Recruit with the Bell(2)

. Griffith was standing at the front of the line watching all of his students and memorizing which got which. When Leo got to the front of the line, he was sent to the right, someone was sent to the left, and there was a third between them.

Olivia was the one who handed him his book. She told him to not use his soul realm if he knew how as that could skew the results. She handed him his book and got ready to write down what class Leo belonged to.

But nothing happened as he held the book. She looked at him and asked if he used his soul realm to which Leo said no. She frowned, then took his book and started inspecting it. She was wearing gloves so she couldn activate them when handing them out. She quickly got another book and handed it to Leo, but nothing happened again.

This time Mr. Griffith walked over and inspected the books. After a moment he spoke to Leo, ”You
e the one John brought right? ”

Leo nodded.

Mr. Griffith put his hand to his chin and thought for a moment. ”I think whoever gave you the angel blood probably sealed you as well. Its usually a simple fix though. Come here. ”

Leo walked towards him and when he arrived, Mr. Griffith gave him some instructions. ”Just sit down and cross your legs, calm your mind and think of nothing. Ill see if I can break the seal, if there even is one, that is. Depending on its strength you may be slightly affected, but you should be fine. ”

Leo did as he was told and sat down. He started meditating which was something he learned a long time ago but gave up because it didn help him calm down all that much. But he currently wasn stressed or anything like that, so it was enough for Mr. Griffith to start working.

Mr. Griffith placed his left palm on Leos forehead and his right index finger on his heart. He closed his eyes but soon frowned. The seal was much more advanced than he wouldve thought, but for his student, he pushed on. He also knew hed get his shit kicked in by John if he found out about the seal and that it wasn broken immediately. So, Mr. Griffith had some extra motivation.

After a couple of minutes, both Mr. Griffith and Leo were sweating. It was a demanding process for both of them. Mr. Griffith was like a miner trying to pierce a rock in a certain way, and the seal was the rock, trying to endure the hits Griffith was dishing out. Leo just happened to be a bystander in the way getting hit repeatedly with a pickaxe.

Eventually, both of them were drenched and the rest of the class had finished getting tested. The humans had been watching the scene since it started as it was the most interesting thing happening. But the demons only started watching after they sat down. And the royals and those from military families mainly ignored it and watched what the other people awakening were getting, that is until everyone finished. Once that happened all eyes were on Leo and Mr. Griffith.

Eventually, Leo gave out and slumped over slightly, but he was caught by Olivia before he fell over and ruined Mr. Griffiths concentration. Only a few more minutes passed by until Mr. Griffith finally opened his eyes.

He slowly laid on the grass and rested.

”Mr. Griffith… was it successful? ” Olivia hesitantly asked.

”… ” He huffed in and out but eventually answered her, ”Yes. That was a tier nine seal. Forget whatever Mathias is thinking, Im going to personally murder whoever gave him that angel blood. Who puts a tier nine seal on a child? Buffoons, simply buffoons. Well give him the book when the humans wake up in a week. ”

Mr. Griffith looked towards his students and sighed out, ”Class is over, today is simply supposed to be the basics and tests. The humans will be awoken at the end of the day and should be dormant until next week. In other words, after today, no classes will be held for demons until next week. Dismissed. ”

Mr. Griffith simply laid in the grass looking towards the nice blue sky. He mumbled out to no one in particular, ”He managed to hold out for so long… What a monster. ” After which he grinned nearly ear to ear.

An endlessly bright expanse. Paper. Endless paper. Amongst the field of paper were two lone figures talking. One of them was sitting at a desk, scribbling with both of his hands like a madman. He was adding to the already mountainous stacks behind him. As soon as he finished writing as much as he could, the paper flew from its place on the desk to a seemingly random location. He then continued writing on the paper that was underneath. The other figure looked bloody from behind as if they had been in a big fight. They wore a jet-black suit if you could even call it one. It had been torn to pieces and not much remained beside his undershirt.

Then suddenly, the world felt as if it was falling. Within seconds, the previously bright and clear expanse took a dark turn. The writing man and his paper had disappeared, and the other figure was still standing where he previously was. The darkness of the world seemed to be originating at this persons feet. The blood from their wounds seemed to be endlessly pooling, creating an unnatural lake. After what seemed like hours, yet only a couple of seconds the figure turned. As if they were a picture, their face seemed to be scratched out by the world. Their face was hidden, yet they exuded a sense of sadness or maybe failure. Perhaps both. Their nonexistent eyes met the young man who was asleep, and they uttered a single phrase.

Wake up.

Leo opened his eyes and found himself in a bed and slowly leaned up. His head felt extremely groggy, and he even fell out of the bed when he tried to get up. Landing on his face he could only groan.

Someone entered the room Leo was staying in and helped him off of the floor. They seemed to be saying something as they put Leo back in the bed. He didn hear any of it though as he had already fallen back asleep.

This time when he woke up, he was much more alert. He looked around and quickly got out of the bed without a hitch. Standing up, he stretched his muscles and the door opened upon hearing a disturbance inside.

”I see you
e awake again. You seem much better this time… ” It was the person who was taking care of the humans who were dormant due to becoming demons.

”We gave you the required demonic blood after the seal was released. Your mind was under extreme stress when we gave you the blood, so it took longer for you to wake up. Most of the humans have woken up and classes start tomorrow, so get some rest today. Let me be the first to congratulate you on walking the line of death and making it back unscathed. And might I say it was a remarkable idea to use souls repair the imbalance of your body, if even only temporarily. ”

Leo just nodded with an uninterested face and didn say anything else.

The nurse told him he could stay here until the next day or head to his dorm. He had no reason to go there, so he just stayed in the room. After stretching and exercising slightly, he laid in the bed.

His hand went to his neck, and he found the cold metallic object from earlier. He lifted it to his eyes and stared at the silver bell. The bell was still completely silent, but Leo didn care. He just smiled and held it in his hands. His smile eventually faded, and he stared at the ceiling while clutching the cold bell.