《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - Snowball(2)

they made it to the restaurant and there were security guards posted everywhere, preventing anyone from getting remotely close.

Lily lifted Leo up into her arms as the family made it to the security guards. Seeing the family, the guard spoke quickly into a sleeve microphone and let them all in with a slight bow. Felix and Lily both had a slightly complicated expression but didn think much about it as it happened often.

They entered the restaurant, which had been completely reserved, and once inside they were taken to their other sons by a waiter who seemed extremely nervous although they tried to hide it. Felix and Lilys expression both grew in complexity upon seeing the waiter.

Reaching a large ballroom, there was a single table in the middle and the walls were lined with security personnel. The table had three individuals already sitting down, talking to each other.

Much like Felix, they absolutely towered over everyone else in the venue. Taller than the tallest guard by a torso and head, just like how Felix is taller than Lily. They were all expertly dressed in suits and had great hair and facial features. There was Samuel, as well as Isaac and Nathaniel who were identical twins.

Lily put Leo down and said with a smile, ”Go say hi to your brothers. ” He happily ran over to them and started speaking to them while Lily started whispering to Felix.

Evelyn walked over to the table and sat down, she looked around the walls at all the guards before frowning slightly. She picked Leo up and helped him into the chairs which were a bit too high for him.

”Thank you! ” He said quickly to Evelyn before turning back to his brothers which he only saw a few times a year. Ev smiled slightly before leaning back into her seat and staring at the ceiling.

A few seconds later Felix and Lily made it to the table and sad down with upset faces. They stared at their sons, excluding Leo, in disappointment.

Felix spoke up, ”Guys what is all of this? You know we don need any of this. ”

Samuel, Felix and Lilys second oldest son spoke up, ”We didn want this shit- ”

”Language. Leos here. ” Lily interrupted.

”Ah, sorry mom. ” Samuel scratched his head slightly in embarrassment, ”We didn want any of this stuff either. But Uncle Jackson insisted so much I thought my ears would fall off. I just wanted to go to Tinos but, well, ” he started mimicking his uncle with a very thick voice, ”Tinos is no place for the future kings of this country. ”

Flabbergasted, Felix mumbled, ”Whats wrong with Tinos… ”

Isaac and Nathaniel just shrugged simultaneously after hearing their father.

Samuel continued, ”Uncle Jackson and Uncle Edward are both being weird around us though. I think they
e avoiding us. So are their kids… ”

Felixs eyes drew to a slit as he looked towards his sons, he asked coldly, ”Any reason why? ”

Samuel sighed, ”Not any for any reason that I could find out, well… actually… ”

Everyone looked over, excluding Leo who was happily looking at the pictures on the kids menu. Felix urged on Samuel who seemed very hesitant to say whatever he was thinking about. Eventually, he closed his eyes firmly and leaned over to Isaac, telling him to get the guards out of the room.

Isaac stood, whistled, and spun his hand in the air before pointing to the other room with his thumb.

After the guards left, Samuel leaned forward, prompting everyone else to and he whispered, ”I think they want to take the bell from Leo. ”

As soon as these words left his mouth, bloodlust started leaking from both Felix and Lily, prompting everyone in the building to freeze in terror, even their kids weren spared, although they weren affected as much. Save for Leo who seemed perfectly fine as he scribbled away with crayons on the kids menu.

After realizing what they were doing, the two quickly stopped.

Lily noticed Leos undisturbed attitude and was slightly confused, but before she could ask if he was okay, Felix spoke.

He asked, ”Whered you hear it? ”

”The Eighth Prince, he came back to tell me. ”

”Charles? He came back? ” Felix eyes widened.

Samuel continued, ”Then he left immediately, remember he said he was done with this bull… ” Lily glared at him, ”this crap. Although I can blame him. ” Samuel slightly leaned back in his chair.

”I trust him though. ”

Felix closed his eyes for a moment before looking over at Leo. He sat in his seat quietly ignoring the people around him as he scribbled on the paper. His skin was extremely pale, and his hair was pure white, hence his mothers nickname of Snowball. Around his neck dangled a silver bell on a red ribbon, it was completely silent despite the metal ball inside of it.

Felix softly called out to him, ”Leo. ”

With a smile, Leo looked up at his father while swaying his feet around in the chair.

”I know Ive told you this before but try to keep your bell safe. Don let anyone take it. Its a gift from your grandfather, and hed be very sad if anyone took it away from you. ”

Leo was silent for a moment as he digested his fathers words, but he quickly nodded.

”Good. Good… ” Felix sighed.

Leo tilted his head a bit in confusion as he saw all of his family staring at him, but he just smiled before going back to his scribbles.

Fourteen years later.