《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - The Fox(2)

in your soul realm, it will only make you want to abandon the real world. Also never enter it in a battle, your body will remain in the real world, you
e not entering a pocket dimension, contrary to what some humans think. But luckily time does flow slightly slower in your soul realm, so you can stay for a moment to think of strategies before a fight.

”Just enter your soul realm, check it out, and leave. Its as simple as that. Once you do that, well teach you how to thread it through your soul and into your body. Once its in your body you can make it manifest in the real world.

”Alright, to enter your soul realm, and this is going to get a little weird, calm your mind and enter your soul. Youll have to feel it, I know that doesn really help, but this is… like a journey of introspection. Yeah, thats sound weird to say but its accurate. Once you enter it and check it out, leave, and just talk amongst yourselves. If you
e having problems speak up or Ill assume youve got it under control. ”

He gestured for the students to begin and most of them were just confused instead opting to stare at their teacher. The stares were almost exclusively composed of new demons. Many of the old demons had already entered their soul realm at least once.

Apparently, demons and angels both had soul realms so even though Leo was a half-blood, he had one he could enter as well.

He blocked his mind off from any outside interference and emptied his mind.

”In that dark pit of nothing, I saw a friend reaching out to me. ”

Leo heard a voice speak to him, from where he couldn tell. He had suddenly found himself in a plane of white. There was absolutely nothing here and was slightly unsettling.

”A friend from ages gone, never met, but always there, always trying to give a helping hand. ”

This time Leo thought he could see something off in the distance.

”I now wish to be that friend, so take my hand. ”

On the horizon of Leos consciousness, he could see something.

”Follow my voice, Ill take you to meet me. ”

Leo did as the voice requested; it wasn a demand but rather a plea. He set out in the direction of the voice, as he did it got louder and louder.

Eventually, Leo was met with door, a literal one. Completely out of place with the blank white area around it that was his mind. It was an oddly elegant door, it had intricate carvings in the wood and the handle was a bronze one, highly embellished and beautiful in every way.

Leo reached out and opened the door. Doing so he found himself standing in a pitch-black place, his feet were standing in some sort of liquid. The liquid was as dark as it got, much like the area around him. It was accurate to say it seemed like an abyss.

”Its so nice to finally met you, young master. ”

Leo whipped around and saw a weirdly human grey fox, standing on two feet, slightly taller than Leo. It wore an excellently made suit, as beautiful as the door from before. It stuck out its hand to Leo.

”Please call me Grey. It may be simple, but thats my name. ”

Leo was dumbstruck as he stared at the fox speaking in a language not made for its tongue or mouth. The whole situation was too much for him to handle.

Hesitantly Leo shook Foxs hand, he replied, ”Math- ”

”Its impolite to lie, Mr. Blight. ” The fox cut Leo off.

Leo stared at the fox with suspicion.

”Now, now, its best we get these things out of the way. We
e going to be spending a lot of time together you know. ” Grey spoke in a soft voice.

”Where am I? ”

”You are currently in your soul realm, Mr. Leonardo. ”

”Don lie to me, they can be this large, nor is anything allowed to be in them, like a certain fox. ”

”Well, what can I say? The grandson of a god is obviously going to be special. ” Grey said with a smile that looked slightly mocking, although that wasn the foxs intention.

Grey continued, ”Although I wish for you to believe me, I know it might be hard at first. But we
e stuck together, regardless of if you enjoy it. So, please, lets make the most of this relationship why don we? Its a shame about everything that happened while I was sealed away, Im sorry for that. But my job is to help guide you, and while I don agree with your aspirations, I will help. ”

”… ” Leo just stared at him.

”You should go now, before Augusto gets suspicious. Honestly, I wouldve thought he wouldve been dead by now. ” Grey smiled as if reminiscing about something pleasant.

Leos eyes widened, ”You know my teacher? Mr. Griffith? ”

”Indeed, I know a lot of useful things, Ill of course help you out down the line when its needed. Now youll have to leave, well talk later after you start experiencing… the problem. ”

”The problem? ”

”Youll see, now please leave. Don worry, its your soul realm, it and I are not going anywhere. ”

Leo reluctantly left, he did it by allowing his concentration to falter which kicked him out of his realm. After he did, he noticed most others had already visited and left their realm.

He sat looking at nothing in particular thinking about what he just experienced. Noises went in and out of his head, he paid them no attention. He just stared at nothing. Thinking empty thoughts that amounted to nothing. For one of the first times in his life, he couldn create an answer. Not even a guess.

That upset him.