《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 8: Vile Devourer(2)

the opening was imminent. The Vile Devourer, a carnivorous plant.

Once the prey has been sufficiently close. The Vile Devourers vine movement becomes considerably more pronounced but precise than previously.

Gideon, on the other hand, re-examined the entire area. Despite hearing loud noises, he was unable to locate anything. Because where he was standing, Gideons foe was concealed beneath the leaves. When it did, the evil plant seized Gideons right foot. While the plant vine was encircling his body, Gideon yelled. At an alarming rate, it moved up from his foot to his back and neck. The assault happened so swiftly that he didn have time to respond. He was dragged to the ground on the opposite side of the forest by a strong vine, and all he could do was struggle.

He pulled on the vine that resembled a rope and was tugging him, but his natural strength was not strong enough to even stir the vine. His battle was ended when he stumbled to the lower ground, groaning in pain as he landed on the sharp white stones strewn about. The hope on his face disappeared when he realized what lay ahead. The enormous flower bud slowly turned its head to face him. Its enormous flower mouth opened when he got there, displaying a crimson mouth dripping with yellow sticky substance. He could easily fit through the mouths central orifice, which was quite large. To welcome the coming of its visitor, it lowered its head.

Gideon let go of the vine he was trying to tear from his body and screamed, ”Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! ” He clung onto the ground to keep the vine from pulling him toward his death. He reached out and seized the nearest large stone, gripping it so firmly that the vine had to increase its pulling force in order to drag him.

Gideons struggle, however, did not solve his problem; it only postponed the inevitable. The vine wrapped around his body and pulled him again. Gideons eyes welled up with tears as the stone he was holding, his last hope, was dragged with him. With his lifeless eyes, he stared at the stone that was supposed to be anchoring him. He looked at the Vile Devourer, which was waiting for him.

”I don want to die! ” Rather than pulling himself which was proven futile. He sat up and raised the massive stone he was holding, pointed side down, staring at the vine that connected him to the giant carnivorous plant. ”You **ing shit! ” he yelled, slamming the stone into the vine. One strike was insufficient to put an end to it. However, the unexpected surge of adrenaline gave him momentary strength. He smashed the vine once more… and again while screaming his lungs out. He kept attacking until the vine slowed and eventually stopped. He smashed it two more times until the vine was severed from its body and he was free.

When Gideon was freed, he got to his feet and looked about, seeing additional vines crawling toward him. They all came from the same plant, but they came from various directions, and they just turned around to capture him.

With trembling eyes, Gideon held up the stone he was holding and turned to face the enormous flower in front of him.

”Choke on this, You **ing twat! ” he screamed before hurling the stone into the carnivorous flowers massive mouth. The boulder landed directly in the middle of the Vile Devourers mouth.

Before the other vines could catch up to him, Gideon sprinted away. leaving the enormous predator famished.