《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 8: Vile Devourer

A humid setting with scant sunlight. All that could be heard were the nearby animals sounds and cautious walks on the dry leaves. Gideon was standing there, cautiously moving and surveying the area.

But he was distracted by a definite sound coming from his stomach. He instinctively jumped, but when he realized where the sound was coming from, he laughed quietly. He looked around, his palm rubbing his stomach.

”Perhaps its already time for lunch, ” he mumbled before continuing to walk in the same direction.

The search for food took a few minutes of navigating through the thick woodland. He could not hunt because he was prey to the creatures around him and had not found any vegetation or animals that he was positive he could eat. He stopped exactly beneath a large tree that was growing fruits he was accustomed to.

He rubbed the back of his neck while gazing at the tree. Fruits the size of a bowling ball and green, they hung from its branches and resembled pears. A typical tree in the forest of Etveya. Several of them had already passed by Gideon, who had been preoccupied with trying to survive the perils around him until he realized he was hungry.

Before attempting to climb up, he took a moment to look around. He then reached out to the trees branches and used them as a base to stand on. The huge fruit was pulled away from its branch by his hand as he dragged it toward him. He raised the unusually large fruit while sitting on the branch. He looked at it with a curious eye.

”This is one big ass pear, ” his stomach growled, and he shrugged. ”If it tastes suspicious, Ill just spit it out, ” he exhaled twice before closing his eyes and opening his mouth to bite into the unknown fruit he had discovered.

The sap of the fruit reached his tongue with his very first bite.

Gideon fixed his gaze on the fruit he was holding. ”It has no taste, ” he murmured. ”It has no taste. ” And ravaged the unknown fruit due to his hunger.

A typical fruit with a taste that few people enjoyed and sap that was sticky. but in this specific instance. The fruit was a lifesaver in Gideons eyes. The fruit of Ilagina.

No matter how many he ate, the fruits sap would not make him thirst-free, but it would provide some relief. However, he still needed water to survive; else, he wouldn .

Gideon continued his journey with a contented look on his face after remaining on top of the tree for several minutes and eating a few of the fruits. Resuming his travel posture, he walked slowly while keeping as quiet as possible. He lowered his back and kept his eyes darting around the area.

However, many of the predators in Etveyas forest were not howling; rather, they were waiting in silence for their prey to come.

Regardless of Gideons continuous survey of his surroundings. His eyes missed them since he couldn even imagine that these creatures might exist in the wild. A green vine around the width of a typical human arm that was so well-camouflaged that its target did not see it. The vine was simply waiting for any approaching victim.

The vines end was capped by a huge flower bud that was taller than Gideon. Its massive trunk, large enough to contain a full bear, and its blossom bud, large enough to swallow a full person, were both dark green with only a few streaks of scarlet where the flowers mouth was. When it was time to eat, it would only then reopen. And