《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 7: Land Of Eteria

Eterias world was a vast, colorful place where magic and mystery were commonplace. A world in which growth was solely determined by ones desire and willingness to obtain it. Where different races, cultures, and beliefs coexisted, as did a plethora of hostile and non-hostile, magical and non-magical creatures. A fantasy land where mana was common, and so gifts from the world of Eteria itself that would bestow a creature such inconceivable talents, which the inhabitants of this world named… Skills.

The enormous woodland of Etveya. a luxuriant woodland on the northern and eastern borders of the human kingdom of Meirhan. This area was home to a wide variety of animals and vegetation. To find plant and animal parts for their quests, adventurers from neighboring towns had traveled to this woodland. Etveyas enormous forest was well known as a haven for adventurers, but due to its immense size, it had not yet been fully explored. Aside from not being thought of as one of Eterias most dangerous by adventurers and kingdom residents, this forest was also not thought of as one of its safest.

In one area of the forest, a vast meadow could be found in between the heights of the enormous trees that surrounded it. The small retreat was filled with the tranquil sound of the nearby river flowing. Even the distant roaring of animals like wolves, monkeys, and boars could not disturb the peaceful music filling the area, which was accompanied by the chirping of birds of all sizes.

Then the unanticipated guest arrived. surrounded by white light. Finally, the dazzling light that had briefly disturbed the scene disappeared. What was left was a young man, his eyes squinted, standing in the center of the grassland. The teenager from Earth who had been sent to this realm for a crucial task. Gideon Brangwen.

Gideon stood still for a few seconds as he evaluated the bizarre surroundings he had been placed in. The first thing he saw was the dense forest that surrounded him. He swung his body around and put his hand on his brow to deflect the suns harsh rays. But no matter how far he peered, he was unable to see the edge of the enormous forest. There were no indications of a nearby civilization. The only sounds in the region were the tranquil sounds of nature and the far-off roars of danger.

”Oh wow, Im in the middle of nowhere in a strange world. What a way to start an adventure. It appears Im required to Jumanji my way out of this place, ” he said, admitting that he had seen more than enough. He looked to the nearby river and took his first steps in this new world. ”At least theres a river nearby, so I won run out of water for the time being. ”

He noticed a variety of unusual noises as he approached the river. the sound of slimy objects scraping against the rivers edge debris. And he was greeted by beings he had never before seen in flesh. They were soft, spherical creatures that moved by slightly jumping with just enough force to move them a few centimeters. They were nearly transparent, almost water-like jelly creatures. They lacked limbs and a face. They had homes both above and below the surface of the river. Among the fauna of Eterias most prevalent species. The River Slimes.

Gideons eyes became big as he fixed them on the familiar yet odd beings i