《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 5: Painful Memories(2)

lways kind to his younger brother. This was how Gideon remembered his elder brother, Gian Brangwen. Their snobby expression when they were in their default facial expression was one of their many similar facial characteristics. Only Gian had a stern expression on his face, as opposed to Gideon who usually had a soft one.

Despite just being a year older than Gideon, Gian was the head of a renowned gang in their area. Due to his impressive combat skills, the members of the rival gang were unable to come up with a plan to defeat him, so they chose to take advantage of Gians youngest brother, who was his greatest weakness. They made the decision to kidnap Gideon, who was considerably more helpless and exposed, and they were successful. As expected, Gian and his devoted friends sprang to his younger brothers assistance. It started a gang war.

However, a bloody unexpected consequence happened while Gian was dragging Gideon away from the hazardous area where the gang conflict was occurring. Holding Gideons forearm, he comforted his injured younger brother with words of consolation. Gian was caught off guard by the rapid entrance of adversaries, but decided against escaping the blows and endangering his younger sibling. Gian heroically took a stand in the face of peril, vowing to do whatever it took to keep his younger brother safe. However, one of the adversaries captured him as he tried to shield Gideon. The final stab, which also penetrated his heart, was delivered under his ribs with a knife that was pointed upward. He was murdered. Gideon saw everything that happened unfold in front of him.

”Big Brother… ” was all Gideon could say as he stared at his big brothers lifeless body.

The perpetrators managed to flee but were apprehended later. However, the life that they took could no longer be reclaimed.

He closed his eyes and shook his head repeatedly. ”If only I could have stood up for myself at the time… This will not happen because we still have you with us. ”

Once more, the soft wind stroked his face, but this time it was only surrounding him.

Gideon scratched the back of his head, oblivious to what was going on around him. ”Yep, I can see you laughing right now, I know Im still a drama king, one of the things that won change, ” he chuckled.

”The stone of otherworldly heros chosen one, ” a mans voice rang out in the area, but it sounded unreal, as if it were just the wind.

Gideon looked around as soon as he heard the mysterious voice. ”Hello? ”

Gideons answer, though, was a dramatic modification of his surroundings. In the early morning light, what had been a cemetery had changed into a pitch-black chasm, with only him remaining in the center. While the surroundings were absolutely dark, his body was shining and was being highlighted.

His eyes widened and his mouth dropped when he understood where he was. He turned his body while looking around the space. His already wide-set eyes expanded more when he turned his head away. ”Where the ** am I? ”

”I see, the language spell works well, ” a struggling voice said. ”Forgive my hastiness and forcefulness; I am in the midst of overwhelming desperation right now, and I require your assistance. ” The voice that had called for him earlier sounded again, but this time it was much clearer, and the owner of the voice was right in front of Gideon. Suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

A man with long, jet-black hair that reached his back and complexion the color of snow greeted Gideon. He was on his knees in front of Gideon, using his black sword to support himself and prevent himself from falling to the ground. Even though he was gasping for air and had blood pumping through his face and brow, he made an effort to grin at Gideon.

His crimson eyes, sparkling with joy, were riveted on Gideon. The two sets of horns on his head caught Gideons eye. Two sets of smooth, pointed, black horns that resembled wood. The other two were directly above the first two, while the first two were directly behind his skull temple. The horn on the right side, adjacent to his head temple, was left uncut, while the other three were severed in half.

Even though he wasn standing, his bloodied slacks and black robe could still be seen.

”Who are you? ” Gideon asked, his gaze fixed on the person in front of him.

The man kneeling in front of Gideon slowly raised his bloodied face. ”My name is Keiram, and I come from a world other than yours… the world of Eteria. ”