《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 4: What Was Used To Be

”Im home! ” Gideon exclaimed weakly as he opened the front door to their house.

His mother emerged from the kitchen a few moments later, holding a large metal spoon. ”Welcome home, ” she said, furrowing her brows. ”You seem tired today, ” she remarked, her gaze following Gideon as he walked upstairs with his shoulders slumped.

”I had to run for my life from a bunch of gangsters and a kinky girl who wanted to put a leash around my neck, so yeah. I am tired, ” he replied.

His mother assumed he was joking and chuckled at his remark.

Gideon chose to ignore the response and proceed to his room. He leaned against the door as he entered his room and peered into the gloom. The chaos in the room greeted him as soon as he turned on the lights and let out a breath. He set his suitcase down on the floor and went over to the belongings that were strewn about the room. As he neared the nearest one, he knelt down and put out his hands to grab it.

The most typical item that was lying about was the first thing he took. Various manga were all over his room. They were meant to be concealed in their storage space, but instead they were dispersed and left open. When Gideon opened the manga and saw the pictures inside, he smiled.

”Its been months since I read one of these; perhaps I missed it last week, which is why I decided to read them again. ” His gentle smile widened as he flipped another page. Then he looked down at the other manga on the brown wooden floor. ”Man, I used to love reading manga and watching anime… Ive just stopped reading and watching since… ”

After remembering a traumatic memory, he put down the manga and took up the others. He put them together, picking up posters and anime DVDs that were supposed to be hidden. The walls of his room were devoid of any posters.

However, his hand stopped after grabbing something from the collection of manga, DVDs, and posters. He noticed a black notebook and looked at it. Immediately, recognition appeared on Gideons face. He took the black notebook carefully from the floor and looked at its cover. Before turning to the first page, he went through the notebook with his fingertips.

A character sheet that he had constructed and written by hand. Information about a personalized character he made in the past, when he was still highly enthusiastic about a certain type of activity, role-playing, was listed on the character sheet. On the notebooks first page, the name of the character was written in bold type.

”Its been a while… Hunter Windleaper, ” he mumbled, recalling years ago when he was writing about the character. He turned to the second page and read what was on it. ”An agile fighter who specializes in mobility and close combat, ” he smiled as he read through the character sheet summary. He closed the notebook after a few minutes of not moving. ”That must be why I insisted on being called Hunter last week; I think I just went back to my chuuni phase for a while, ” he rubbed his brow.