《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 2: Changes(2)

individuals surrounding him, Gideon awkwardly chuckled, lowering his body by bending his knees and staring at them in astonishment. ”Ah… I think youve got the wrong person. My name is Gideon, ” he said, closing his eyes as soon as he touched his bruised chest.

Carlos, on the other hand, simply tapped Gideon on the shoulder and laughed even louder. ”We know, but weren you the one who insisted on being called Hunter because you prefer it? ”

”Ah… thats nice of you; you
e more thoughtful than you appear. ” Gideon stepped away from Carloss arms and slipped out of them. ”Look, as much as I want to talk to you guys, I have an exam I need to pass today without even reviewing and without even knowing what we studied last week… so I gotta go, ” he said, turning his back on them and waving his hand while running.

”Yeah, lets just hang out later, ” Carlos said, laughing. ”And oh, Millie is looking for you. Good luck hiding from her, shes out for your blood this time! ”

Gideon walked faster, his eyes narrowed. ”Millie? That name rings a bell. ”

After some time, Gideon arrived at his classroom. Directly in front of the shut sliding door, he came to a stop. Inside, there was the sound of laughter and conversation. Gideon breathed softly while he closed his eyes.

”This can get any worse, can it? ” He opened the classroom door and looked at his classmates, who immediately shifted their gaze to him.

As Gideon approached, the usually raucous space fell utterly silent. Everyone was hunched over and motionless, looking down. And when Gideon walked up to his desk, none of them even attempted to glance at him.

There were thirty students in the classroom, including Gideon.

By taking a seat near the back of the rooms window, Gideon made an effort to ignore them. He cleared his throat in an effort to lighten the atmosphere, but what he noticed next was the swift and coordinated lifting of his classmates shoulders.

When he understood what was happening, he shook his head and rubbed his palm on his forehead before turning to stare out the window.

”Isn the weather lovely today, Brangwen? ”

He raised his bangs and faced the person seated next to him. The student who was smiling at him while wearing big glasses was in complete contrast to everyone else. Like Gideon, Miguel belonged to the group of withdrawn, lonely students in the class. Only Miguel had been targeted for bullying due to his impressionable and naïve demeanor.

Gideon gave a slow nod. ”Yes, it is, Miguel. ”

Miguel rubbed the back of his neck. ”I will just call you by your surname if that is okay; I am not used to calling you Hunter as you requested. ” His smile widened. ”Anyway, you already told me not to bring it up again, but thanks for helping me out the other day; those guys will not bother me again because of you, but, as you advised, I am going to learn to stand up for myself from now on. ”

For a split second, Gideons pupils trembled as he fixed his gaze on Miguel. The expression of surprise on his face soon changed into a warm smile.

He sighed. ”Perhaps I bumped my head while sleeping last night because I don remember doing any of that, but I am relieved to hear that not everything I did was heinous acts. ”