《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 9: Entertainment Corporation S.M

The zombies, like warriors, are divided into three categories: ordinary zombies, dysfunctional zombies, and extremely deadly zombies. Normal vertebrates won form or form but have no qualities, their testicles will be white and anyone can absorb them, just too bad a hundred normal testicles will be equal to an atypical testicle.

But the normal testicle is also effective in supplementing the experience of attack, not in increasing the power of dysfunction, so there will be very few warriors who want to absorb it but are not much stronger at the same time.

The atypical nucleus is much better, its going to contain a lot of atypical systems, both warriors and zombies can absorb. The atypical nucleus constitutes divided into two categories, the universal atypical nucleus, and the duplicated atypical nucleus. Common atypical testicles will appear in first and second-grade walkers, complementing the experience of attacking, and one in ten atypical testicles will help the warrior to attack one level. An abnormal ability unlike the warriors level, if the warriors level is high, but if the warriors level is too low, the power exists greatly shortened, and if the warriors level is too low, the process of steaming. Hypocrite and dysfunction attacks will be disrupted. It could also take a life if they risk attacking their post without legal protection.

Duplex dysentery is often difficult to find, only in the top secondary vertebrae, and if the vertebra has already attacked level 3, dysentery will also mutate. This type of testicle can help a warrior attack dysfunction without being restricted by the warrior level.

And the third kind of testicle exists, called the testicle. The testicles equal divided into four categories: primary testicles, intermediate testicles, high testicles, and ultimately testicles. Primary testicles will form in high school and high school vertebrae, with only one testicle of the same system that can help the warrior attack strong dysfunction up to three times.

Intermediate testicles appear in fourth-class zombies, fourth-class zombies have formed their minds, which are difficult to control, and are even more powerful than fifth-class warriors. The nucleus of this fossil constitutes not restricted by the dysfunction, but its a very difficult process to absorb.

High-grade hysteresis forms on fifth-grade walkers; fifth-grade walkers are the highest-grade walkers, no different from ordinary people. If the sperm of this super zombie exist existed, the warrior will be able to have a transplant that changes his or her dysfunction, and the process of the attack will also be extremely smooth. Esther William read an ancient book about the end of the world two thousand years ago, and Williams great-grandfather had a hard time. A new towel, that beat a zombie this year, was tortured to death and brought back to life.

And the last one was a testicle, which Williams ancestors had only heard of, but never witnessed, and it is admitted that only sixth-grade zombies have. And no one knows whats going on, and no sixth-grade walkers have ever seen or heard of it. The only thing we know is that if we let a zombie attack us to level six, the world will end.

Now that he thinks about it, Esther William is horrified, now that the zombies have formed the nucleus, sooner or later they
e going to develop an top, its not going to be as easy to deal with as they are now. And you just saw these two walkers acting incredibly flexibly, now that the walkers are completely formed, their brains are completely drained, they
e completely dead.

Esther William followed Azura George, he held onto his shirt, not because there were so many difficulties in the road ahead, just because he felt sad… Jocasta William must be completely out of his mind now, missing him.

The murmur from the bottom comes out loud every time, with this kind of sound likely to be more than ten digits. Beatrix Henry, who was walking in front of me, soon went down all the stairs, the hallway on this floor because there were windows, so there was light. Even though it was a faint window, they could see the harsh sunlight outside. All four of them moved slowly to the middle of the corridor when they found the sound not underneath but inside a room.

– Azura George, theres a noise in here.

Esther William points to a large room, which is a dance p