《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 8: Rescuing The Victims.

Esther Williams group began planning to search for fake abnormalities and civilians trapped elsewhere, in case they could no longer hide elsewhere. Esther William dazed through the helicopter window, so Jocasta William turned into a corpse and the rest of his family went somewhere else. He sighed again, his relationship has just improved because this killing of the Earth has turned into a cloud of smoke, and later he and his have a front line, only the living and the eternal cannot go the same way.

– Esther, don be sad, your brother doesn want you to be that way, isn that what youve been thinking about? Don you have a lot of relatives waiting to be rescued?

Esther William nods, Azura Georges words are not wrong, and its a good thing that a seven-person house turns into a zombie, rather than all of them becoming zombies left alone in this world. Esther William went to the back of Azura George, and now they
e in the same helicopter with he, and theres no one behind the, so he has not shy about putting your arms around my neck.

– Where should we go now? Without meeting my father, we don know where to gather.

– We will first conduct a review of all parts of the city as soon as possible to inform everyone that the assembly area has been call off.

– Thats all we have to do, but we don have much fuel, and we can fly forever. All the fuel was concentrated in the concentration area.

Azura George did not express his opinion but leaned back to the chair to enjoy Esther Williams arms, and after a while, he spoke.

– So while we
e searching for the victims, we
e already looking for a safe place to hide.

– Thats all right. Please park the helicopter on the roof of that building.

Azura George, as Esther William said, immediately turned down the lever without asking for any reason, and he has absolute confidence in your ability and his decision. Esther William squinted at his admiration at his highly skilled movements, and it seemed that at the end of the world, he accidentally held the greatest man in the hand. Its just that Azura Georges personality is mature and childish, and he likes to monopolize and be jealous, otherwise, Esther William would have felt much more comfortable, and he didn like the feeling of embrace that he gave him, it was a bit of a problem.

After the helicopter landed on the roof of that big building, Esther William pushed the door down, looked up, and the helicopter Beatrix Henry was trying to land. Is he waving his hand to tell him to look elsewhere, besides two such big helicopters parked on the same rooftop? But without saying a word, the helicopter landed, and Beatrix Henry and Bridget Henry jumped one after another.

– Why did you land here?

– This is the building of S.M. Entertainment, the nations most flourishing conglomerate, and one of the majority who doesn trust information about the zombie epidemic we provide. They didn stop the activities, they didn take advantage of the opportunity to build up resources. This is a huge cave of corpses, but there may still be civilians and prostitutes trapped here, so lets take a look.

– I remember they held dozens of big and small press conferences to create a scandal, and I never saw a coffin without tears.

Bridget Henry just spoke, and the sound was somewhat ironic.

– Its too easy to die.

– Whether we
e alive or dead, we can save someone or that person, maybe we can find a person whos immune to the zombie, and we can make a vaccine.

As Azura George said, he carried a bulletproof armor on Esther Williams body, put two grenades on his side, and even stopped by his face and said,

– You can follow me. Ill protect you.

– Are you sure?

Esther William squints he smiles and makes Azura George feel a little embarrassed, with the ability to protect someone like you at the moment, but he will never back down.

– Whoever wants to touch you, walk through my body.

– All right.

Esther William smiled, and hed heard so many times about these vows of life and death, but the look on Azura Georges face when he said those words didn contain any false taste. Its a little reliable.

Beatrix Henry and Bridget Henry, who had lost sight of Esther William and Azura Georges love, were immediately rushed forward, and in their hands were two pistols, one bag, and a grenade stuck in their sides. He doesn know if its possible. Its not like the walkers are injured, but they
e still taking it with them just in case.

Beatrix Henry lowered the