《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 6: Hypothetical Dysfunction.

Esther William nestled behind a visibly visible gatekeeper, with more than ten men trembling in tears, and two young men in front of them were beating the walkers with their dexterity. One is to pull out a rare mutant system, and from the top of his head a purple ball with a huge magnetic field surrounding it, his thing constantly creating lightning at the feet of the walkers, causing them to fly around. And the other ones hands are fixed in front of his chest, and inside his hands is a green ball that constantly emits light. This kind of dysfunction Esther William has never seen in an ancient book, so he doesn know what it is, but it seems to be amazing.

Esther William looked at this young man with a degenerative dysfunction, who normally can use it this way, especially with the newly formed prosthetic dysfunction that will soon run out of energy. But its not a good thing to bring up the so-called Bridgets system, just not hitting the walkers weaknesses, they
e being beaten back and up again. Esther William took the risk of screaming:

– Hit them in the middle of their heads, and thats how you die!

Esther William just finished talking, and the walkers turned right back to the guard where they were standing. Azura George immediately launched a fire that blocked the road, but because of limited capacity, he could not completely burn them.

– Run!

Esther William hurriedly grabbed Azura Georges hand and dragged him away, and behind him…


Bridgets lightning, which met Azura Georges fire, soon spread and burned dozens of dead bodies. The rest of them seemed to sense the danger and ran away.

Looks like these walkers have formed their instincts, and they
e scared to run, so its going to be harder in the future.

– Thank you both for your help.

Esther William turned around, Bridget, that boy went to you and Azura George.

– My names Bridget Henry. Im a cop working here. I didn know it would be so hard to be supervised, but fortunately, if you didn …

– Nothing, killing the walkers is our mission. Don you think so?

Esther William squinted his eyes and smiled, Bridget Henry captured he guest appearance, and the boy behind him said:

– There are so many zombies that I don know how to get rid of.

Compared to Esther William, who had to be shorter than ahead, the round face looked so ”baby ” that was only fifteen or sixteen years old.

– Whats your systolic dysfunction? It looks very special.

– Wind.

– The wind?

Esther William didn know there was even a phylogenetic anomaly, and there was no phylogenetic anomaly a few thousand years ago that made he is unable to avoid it.

– So… How does your dysfunction work?

– I can give energy to other fake abnormalities, and I feel like my body is like a huge pool of energy that will never run out of energy.

– Thats so good!

Esther William is happy in the heart, and if this person supports him, his power will increase a lot. Isn this the buff MANA support system, like in the game?

The other said:

– Not so good, while Bridgets fighting, I can help.

– Come on, mister, I can last this long thanks to you.

– Sir?

Bridget Henry looks like hes 30 years old, but hes calling the boy his second brother? Are they cousins?

– Forgot to introduce myself, Im the sheriff of S City, Bridget Henrys boss. Hes also his brother, Beatrix Henry.

– Let me ask you… How old are you this year?

Esther William just finished talking and Beatrix Henry laughed.

– I bet youll be just like everyone else who thinks Im still a teenager. But Im sorry, Im already thirty-five, baby.

Beatrix Henry did not try to point his hand at Esther Williams chest, but very quickly was thrown out by Azura George. Beatrix Henry glared at Azura George with his hand and Azura George, who remained so persistent, that it was a battle to see who was stronger. Esther William wants to know if the sheriffs arm is strong or if the bodyguards arm is strong, but this is not the time to divide the skills!

– Would you two please not do that? We have to hurry up and go somewhere else or the walkers will be back there.

– Thats right. Oh, you didn even introduce yourself.

Bridget Henry pushed the hands of Azura George and Beatrix Henry with both hands, and he turned his face to Esther William, but was answered by Azura George.

– His name is Esther William, my lover. My name is Azura George,