《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 5: First Battle!

Right now, home at Williams.

– Quick, quick. Get down the tunnel to the rally.

– Three, what about you!

– Jocasta has become. The walkers are dead, we can be near them. My dad took it ridiculously. I went back to my room, but it was so nice. Hes going to come after us.

– But… Huh! Hey. Two…!

Meliora William has Alexander William pushed into the tunnel, he was the only daughter of his. Phedra William and Amanda Williams skin was pushed in, too.

– Jocasta just in time. Evolution is already the best middle school. Do you understand? What? The zombie was born in the early days. Its all level zero, but Jocasta is level two, which is equivalent to level four fake dysfunction. We can fight back.

– S… so strong… What? Its not that I don think its going to work?

Meliora Williams Collection, her deformed ice system element, shes just an anomaly. It takes a lot of money to pretend to be zero. Only then could she be trained as a fourth-degree prosthetic, afraid that Jocasta William would have evolved into something. She couldn hold it in and shuddered, and ran away. The faster.

This is the end of the world. So, will Azura George, who she secretly likes, become? Is it a walker or not? If he becomes a zombie, Meliora can go down!


Esther William and Azura Georges ”entertainment ” was four hours long. Oh, later. They
e both inside. The bathroom of the fashion shop makes such a chaotic sound that dozens of walkers stand outside the door.

A dead body without knowledge. But of the smell of life and blood, Esther William scratched Azuras back again. Azura George makes a long streak like that, so its impossible not to let them smell it. He washed the blood on Azura Georges back with water from the shower, took out a dry suit, and gave it to a person. He thinks its more comfortable to wear another outfit.

Furthermore, he didn know it was just sleeping. Hes done it with Azura George three times, and his dysfunction level has improved. Not only that, but he wants to go up to the air level. Azura George, who had not yet discovered his dysfunction, is now aware of the reversible flow of energy in his body.

Azura George of the Fire system.

– What a quality you are. Well, fire systems aren rare, but compared to other systems. Its gotten a lot stronger. Rib type this system is dominant, whether close to war or distant war.

– Really? I know. What system?

– Im just a normal person. I need you to protect me.

Esther William Winks, he was immediately pinched by Azura George. Are you sick?

– Your cheeks were like a pie. Don pinch me!

– You
e so cute. How can I pinch him?

– Peek…

Esther William pouted. Hes always had the concept of a nights love, so he won have feelings for someone, but now there are a lot of people who have existed tested. Its not certain how many men there are. If he releases with Azura George, you
e doomed. He can satisfy his life. At least Azura George is a fake anomaly, maybe with him.

– Its outside now. Ten walkers, you can fight them all at once.

– We can hide. They
e weak now, they
e just scared through a few. We
e not going to make it.

– You release your atopy. Let me see.

Azura George said. William released his dysfunction, and on the palm of his hand, it was visible. The red flame is red. Esther William frowned, he shook his head.

– No, this fire. I haven equaled trained yet, so Im not good at it. Common fires, Im not threatening you.

– What kind of fire?

– I read it in an old book. Williams family passed down, and thousands of years ago, his grandfather died. Ive seen a false abnormality. Theres a white spark. One fire in the others hands can burn an entire city to ashes.

– Thats terrible, what canful it is?

– No mistake, main fire. Its a very powerful weapon given by nature. I know. Besides the white fire. Theres a purple flame, but no one has mastered it yet. You don have to be forced to practice the white fire. Ill.

– Ill try.

Esther William nodded and said:

– You
e a bodyguard, yes. Both hands may exert force in different directions at the same time. You don ?

– Maybe.

– Thats all right, then. Ill tell you through the operation plan.

Esther William told him. Raise his hand. There are three sharp bars in his hand.

– You
e a phony dysfunction. A needle?

– You could say so.

Esther William has one. Its seven generati