《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 4: New Companion.

Just drive Esther William. But he didn know that the deeper he went into S city, the more traffic jams he got. He let go of a curse:

– These people are always so ignorant!

Alexander Williams three brothers ordered everyone to go home, and if the eclipse is over if they find out that they didn have an examination, they go to the congregation, but during the eclipse, they go to the car to play. He doesn know what its like now.

Esther William opened the car door and went down. There are people in the cars in front of us. No, indeed, humans cannot get out of the car. The formation process takes three or four days, and this stage is extremely slow and does not have control of the body, so it is not flexible. Just a few days of fear that these walkers want to escape will not be a problem.


Suddenly, Esther William made a loud noise behind him, and he was startled to turn around. Why can he see a tall man just passing by? Hes kicking a walker into a nearby car.

This man did not fight the enemy with his bare hands, and his suit, which was originally elegant, was torn to grief. His shirt is dirty, his pants are ripped up to his thighs, and the bottom of his pants is about to rip. Looks like he hit a lot of zombies.

– Hey, you!

When he heard the call, he looked at his face and made you feel dizzy. The ribs of the face are a little high, the ends of the eyes are narrow, the nose is high, the corners of the mouth look like a smile, and the five senses are perfect. Its his style to be strong and strong!

Esther William secretly wiped a drop of saliva off the edge.

– The walkers don fight like that!

– Whats the point?

The mans tone wasn very pleasant, he stepped on the walkie-talkie and hit the car again.

Esther William took out a hammer from space and pointed to the top of him head.

– Hit here.

The man listens to him with a hammer to the head of the corpse, and he takes the skull in half. The early stages of the brain formation of the zombies brain have not dried up yet, and the dusky substance with the blood that hasn been black yet is a very disgusting mixture. Esther William couldn hold back and threw up a pile.

Its only in its early stages, so the corpse hasn formed a nucleus yet, so nothing has been obtained, and the man still carries a hammer in his hand to Esther Williams place.

– Thank you. This is for you.

– No, you can keep it and use it.

With his strength, he can walk a long distance with a hammer. Without the extra space, hell still have a long way to go.

– Thats all right. Where do you want to go now? There are a lot of dangerous walkers.

– Im going to Williams home.

– Didn Williams family inform everyone after the eclipse to go to the place of false dysfunction? Its no use going there.

– The congregations been canceled.

– Cancelled?

The men made a look of frustration, and yes, the place where they could have been destroyed might not have been urgent.

– The meteorite that crashed last night destroyed the colony. He had to go home now, and I don know if my father will be able to escape.

– Dad?

– I forgot to tell you, Im Esther William, the third son of Minister Alexander William.

The man spoke after being quiet for a while.

– You
e the one who dreams of the end of the world. Even though we prepared in advance, the meteorite fell without a single prediction and destroyed everything.

– Yeah, I didn expect this to happen.

– Then lets go together, and we can support each other. My name is Azura George, I was the director of a bodyguard training company.

As a bodyguard, no wonder his arm strength is so good. Esther William couldn resist looking at his forearm two more times.

– All right, theres nothing like having a bodyguard to protect you.

Esther William winked at Azura George for a second, trying to destroy the mood with pinkness on his face.

Esther William and Azura George go deep into downtown S. There are many walkers outside now, but there are still no civilians. Thanks to Azura George, Esther William didn lose any energy to the walkers, with just a hammer to make way for him to succ