《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 3: End Of The World Is Here!(2)

ve to put on the cats head, and it growled and fell to the ground.

– Im sorry, I don want that either!

Esther William likes cats the most, but if he doesn kill them now, theyll kill him too. The times have changed, only him died. He lives, and even humans can believe what they say is an invertebrate animal.

Esther William was turning around and the cat on the ground suddenly appeared in a bright white circle, which was like a beautiful smoke, giving him the impression that his hand was touched. As soon as you touch his hand, the white ring shrinks and goes into his fingers, making his fingertips hurt.

– What the hell?

Very quickly Esther William got the answer, his fingernails suddenly grew, he had to say ten centimeters longer, and the black claws look like cats in any way. Now he knows what kind of mutant he kills, what kind of animal he takes, what kind of animal he takes, he gets that animals ability.

This incident was not recorded in an ancient book 2,000 years ago, perhaps because of the meteorite falling?

Esther William struggled to get his claws back, and for this new change in the body, it took time to manipulate them. At this time Esther William felt a little hot and sweaty on his face, and when he looked up, he realized that there was another sun in the sky. Compared to 2,000 years ago, how can he save the world? Will his ancestors William protect him?

He took out a big baseball bat in his pocket, and the knife was too short for him to hit a more flexible zombie. According to the old book, it takes three or four days for the walkers to completely master, and at this time the walkers are still very weak, so ordinary people without dysfunction can cope. But just in case they
e scared to death, they
e gonna pee in their pants, so how can they hit the walkers again? Now that the place where the false dysfunction occurred has been destroyed, citizens of S city do not know where to go to hide. Esther William breathed out a breath, and your father, Jocasta William, and the others would be okay, would anyone be a zombie or not? The more he think about Esther William felt more scared inside.

Esther William walks around with a baseball bat, and he doesn know where he is going. The fake atypical colony was destroyed by a meteor last night, what will happen to civilians? Think about it and decide to go to the place where the meteorite fell to take a look at the situation.

Anyway, he can control the stage of transformation that just formed him.

Esther William exaggerates the sight, where the meteorite falls in the middle of downtown S. Its also true that there are so many people in the city, and its not a few people who turn into zombies. If the zombie inhaled the same scent last night, would he have caused a mutation, would there be some sort of paradoxical ability? He chose to go there, didn he have some adventure?

Then Esther William suddenly remembered, and he didn select to go to Williams house, and he had to first look at your father, Jocasta William, and the others! His house isn deep in the city. Esther William visually searched for the direction of his house, and there were many walkers on the street at this time, but the speed of movement was still very slow.

He goes into the garage and picks up a private army car and drives, and the frame of the armored car, the bullets, its hard to tell what the zombies are. Esther William didn expect him to have a day to drive on his own, where he wanted to go. Its rare for him to pick up a supercar that he bought, and no one ever got in his car twice.

Esther Williams path to Williams house, the way out of the colony, there were also a few newly-formed walkers. His gray face was haggard, his arms and legs were thin, and his flesh was almost drawn into the bones, which looked very disgusting. But this is nothing yet, the photographs you saw at the zombie exhibition 2,000 years ago are much more disgusting, just looking like throwing up.

He is on the road without any obstacles, the walkers, even if he hears cars rattling on the road, theres no way to catch up.