《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 3: End Of The World Is Here!

S city. June 15th at 7 pm.

Then the eclipse will begin in three hours. According to the forecast, the eclipse lasted only three hours from the beginning to the end of the eclipse. But two thousand years ago, the eclipse lasted for eight hours, and no one knew what was going to happen, and no one knew whether the person next to him would attack him or not.

Based on the zombie epidemic two thousand years ago, Alexander William came up with a countermeasure early, and during the eclipse, it was also the process of transitioning from human to mortuary. Nothing happens to normal people and false abnormalities, and if it is a funeral, the body will slowly harden, be unable to move flexibly, and the mouth cannot speak, and during the eclipse weekend, it will growl. The person next to me at this time. All detectable, quickly quarantined, or to a prearranged, atypical military base and civilians. No matter how close the person who turned into a funeral hall is, its in front of him. He has to run or kill himself. Well, because once they
e in mourning, theres nothing you can do about it, antibiotics don work. He doesn know if antibiotics are working, but Ill be most careful.

Because two thousand years ago, Williams grandfather found a vaccine against evolution in a funeral home, and everyone in the world was distributed and vaccinated, but no one knew if it worked. So prevention of contingency is a must.

Esther William sighed, hes at the place where the pseudo-epidemic conjunctiva is, and he is the only one here right now. Looking up at the blood-red sky, it was like a sign that the world had come to an end.

Esther William sat back and forth, and everything was prepared in a very carefully-prepared prosthetics clinic. He looked up at the sky through the window. It was almost noon, but the sky was getting dark, and the sun was shining, and suddenly the eclipse began. Soon there was no light left. Esther William took out a flashlight. He doesn know how long the eclipse is over, he doesn know how many people will be here after its over? However, thirty-six billion people are not test-takers, but only one billion of those ten billion people are fake abnormalities. Not to mention, the person who got bitten by the funeral will slowly turn into the funeral. He was still thinking, and suddenly the sky flashed a bright yellow light, and by the time he could see it, the other thing that was already in the sky was flying very close.

Less than ten counts, that jelly-like object fell to the ground, not too close to where he was, but caused quite a stir. The place where the false atrophy occurs is not small, and although he can see it, he knows that the barrier is broken, so this place can be used as a place to stay anymore. What the hell is that, not just a meteor shower, but a very unpleasant smell, that makes Esther Williams body feel unbearably hot, and he eventually faints.

How long did Esther William finally wake up, because of the growling sound outside that wake-up? He stood up and looked through the door, and the sky was blazing hot, and there were black spots in the distance that were not clear. When he tries to open his eyes wide, suddenly the image from far away is exaggerated, and he is surprised. Its not that those things get bigger, but he can see things that are hundreds of kilometers away. He can hear the sound of water flowing from afar. He tries to capture the eye and the effects of his ears, the place where the fake deformities were destroyed last night, and he has no choice but to wander around looking for something valuable to put in the space.

”Gro…Gro… ”

Suddenly a growling sound came out, Esther William bent down and saw a black cat under him feet, with red eyes, he slowly crept forward, apparently wanting to attack him. The cat was not as flexible as usual, Esther William kicked one away without hesitation. But whether its a person or an animal, once it turns into a zombie, its very hungry for a living thing, and this cat doesn miss Esther William, and it jumps in. Esther William quickly moved away, and he took out a knife with no lo