《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 2: I Want You!

Esther William thought, suddenly there was a call outside the door:

– Esther, come down to breakfast.

– No, Im not hungry.

His second brother, Jocasta William. The door didn close, and he looked out at me with a dignified look at him, he had always been the strictest, most disciplined man ever. Hes the one he hates the most. Hes the one you feel sorry for. Jocasta William, the eldest son of the family, naturally had to study hard and train himself, and he was the one who was supposed to replace Alexander Williams ministerial post.

Jocasta William, twenty-seven years old this year, holds the position of Vice Minister in the army of less than one person per thousand. Jocasta William is a golden single man who wants to go to bed with any girl to have a seat like today, no time to go out, no time to find a girlfriend.

– The end of the world is coming, and you need to make up for it. Who can protect you at the end of the world?

– I can protect myself.

– Just the space you have?

Esther William didn want to fight with this man, Jocasta William didn like him before, so she didn listen.

For a long time, Esther William thought Jocasta William had gone and opened the blanket, but he was still there staring at you.

– Why aren you leaving?

– Esther…

His voice doesn seem as strong as usual, but its a little awkward.

– You have a space where you can be a zombie, but in my house, I can tell who will be a zombie. Who… will protect you, when the end of the world happens, who will protect you?

– I told you, you don have to worry about that!

Esther William jumped off the bed with both hands, pushing Jocasta William back, wanting to push him out and close the door to make no noise. But Jocasta William is like a pillar against the sky, and no matter how hard he pushes, he grabs his hand with one hand. Does he want to kneel again? No 20-year-olds still kneeling!

– Esther, what would you do if I became a zombie?

Is this question so sudden that Esther William can think of an answer, if Jocasta William becomes a zombie, will he kill me, or will anyone in the house come down to his? As a family member, what if he weren the only one who didn become a zombie?

– Twenty-seven years, Ive never lived for myself once, but Esther, you can, so give it your all…

– You always say that, I don want to hear it!

Esther William didn talk anymore, wriggling his way out.

– Where are you going?

– Relax! Every day I see your face, I feel like Im going to die!

Jocasta William immediately pulled Esther Williams hand back, and his dark eyes didn know what to do.

– When are you thinking about that now?

– So what? Theres nothing to do anyway. Can you find someone to comfort? You always forbid me, don you always ignore me, don you?

But Jocasta William didn let go of his hand, he dragged Esther William inside and slammed the door, without saying two words, and threw him on the bed.

– What do you want to do?

– Don you want to find a comfort worker? Im satisfied with you.

– I don want to! Jocasta William, you
e crazy, we
e brothers!

Jocasta William, or Esther Williams wrist handle, loosened a little and immediately clenched, pressed his back to bed, he bent down and kissed on his unremittingly closed lips, swallowing the breath he had long wished for. If it weren for him own identity, he would have brought this little brother down, brought his most aggressive thing through he, Im just going to play he till he cries and beg.

– Jocasta William, do you still want to be promoted to general? If you tell him this, Ill be dead!

– Tell me, you don even know if the end of the world will happen. That ministerial post, whoever wants to do it, I don do it anymore. Thats enough, its all enough, why should you ruin your youth for that position, always keep your relationship clean and never dare to do anything that could affect your reputation? I don want to! Esther…

Jocasta William spoke a lot, but in the end, the smallest sound was only in Esther Williams ear.

– Esther, I don need anything. I want you!

Esther William heard his scalp numb, and this is the first time Jocasta William has spoken so softly to him. In the past, he used to mess with him and make him angry, always taking out special reasons for identity. Although he won inherit any title, you
e Alexander Williams son, and if he does anything, hell be affected. Not only will Mr. William influenced, but the position of Vice Minister of Jocasta William will also be shaken, which will also involve the p