《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 1: End Of The World Game!(2)


”It means that the real world will fall into the real world, and thirty-six billion people will not become zombies, and one billion out of ten billion people will have special abilities. Esther William, you are the one who opens the door to the end of the world, so only you get buffs. You get buffs, you are different from others. You
e stronger. ”

– Its… Did it happen because of me?

”Don think like that, Esther, the end of the world will surely happen every few thousand years because excessive destruction will cause the Earth to decay, produce side effects, and turn it into a funeral. Only the old can the Earth live again, the mission of saving the Earth is left to you. ”

Esther William is still confused, isn it because of him?

”Esther, please pick the buff:

1. Single crystal. Fast training, single-crystal absolute power.

2. Crystal failure. Training is much slower, the early hours are extremely exhausting, and the power is varied.

You can change your constitution after choosing a buff, but you
e much faster than a normal person in terms of speed of training. ”

Esther William, who plays through countless games, of course, will not choose the same trivial buff as the first one, so she will choose the second one.

– Second buff.

After the conversation, the sound of Google Translate rang again.

”Buff has been selected. Congratulations on Esther Williams successful entry into the game. On June 15th after the total solar eclipse, the end of the world will begin, so please prepare thoroughly. The publisher will send Esther a hundred square meters of space each time you upgrade it. Use the space to save it. Stock up on supplies.

Also, the publisher swept through Esthers body. Because you are negative, you can use the positive and negative method of training to get the best results. ”

What is it? What does it mean to get positive and negative?

”Because Esther has a hobby of sleeping with men, just like a female, she wants to upgrade her vocal constitution quickly just by sleeping with men, using men as a conductor. ”

– Isn it too cruel? Whats the difference?

How can he do such a dangerous thing? He likes to sleep with real men, but he won let them live and die!

”Elder, rest assured, there will be nothing wrong with your opponent. Its a shortcut, and if Esther doesn use it, it doesn matter because its a game developers support. Its you. ”

Esther William nodded, its all right, here. Its good to use it because its an additional training method. He doesn have to use it.

”Congratulations, Esther, on your successful login. In our simulation game of the 2060s, the system will not appear from now on. I wish Esther the best of luck. The world opens the door to life, goodbye. ”

Then the white light disappeared, and Esther Williams room is back to normal. He opened the window and looked, everything was so normal that he could not believe what he had just heard was true. But after checking it out, he can summon himself into space, he knows, everything is real.

Esther William waited until the evening when William and Mrs. William were together. When he got back, he ran downstairs to tell him everything, except that he bought his plate instead of your old familys dream.

He summoned the space and made the air clear. He immediately slowed down. The obsession with the 2060s is still the same as it was recently, and now he is back in an awful position.


Esther William rolled back and forth in bed. He was bored to death. Old William and two of the brothers are already taking care of the collection, and he still wants to do something, but you don want to. The news of the end of the world is already. Soon spread across the country, because Esther Williams father, Alexander William, was the Minister of Defense, and the people had no doubt about what he said.

Esther William checked his own space. Soon enough food, clothing, tools, and weapons, Alexander William took care of it. Its just that he has extra space. He knows he didn tell me. He thought to himself that training in such a way as to receive manly spirit would not be said, nor would he say he could be trained, so he was always considered a child in need of protection. But theres a younger brother and a younger sister under him. Why are they still so nice to him?