《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 10: Half A Zombie!(2)

ar, but hes conscious and distinguished. What one can do and what one can do, what can be done.

– Really? Then its not you
e only morphologically transformed, and we
e human by nature, right?

– Thats right. But he is likely to be infected.

Esther William nods, he keeps it in his heart, he doesn speak his mind now. What if the young man wasn completely turned into a zombie? It means in a zombie body, but he has some antibodies. It prevents the complete formation of the remains. Wouldn that be very good, considering that Esther could bring that young man back to Phedra William to do some research? His third brother works in the army, but hes a medical officer is tall, and because of his special status, he goes through the back door to the point of envy.

– We
e just going to tie your hands together. Lets go back, in case we don know, lets give him a chance to move as he pleases. Can he talk to you?

– Yes, but its not clear.

Esther William nodded and called Azura George came to help the young man up, and the whole string changed to tie his hands together. A young man in the best interest to fall in love like that at once nods ones thanks, Esther William is thinking about something else. And it would be nice if Jocasta William could be self-conscious, no matter what form he turns into, he wouldn hate him.

– Do we need to go downstairs and check? Is it okay?

Bridget Henry just said, when Beatrix Henry heard that, he looked at the other group and asked if there was anyone else, and Hilary Bush quickly answered:

– Theres no one left. You and they are the kids. The last one left here.

– Then why didn the walkers come up? They have a good sense of smell.

– Its not that its not going up. Its not going up. Youll see if you follow me.

Beatrix Henry squinted his suspicious eyes. Azura George and Esther William followed, and they followed the stairs down the two stories below, the sound of the sound growling at this moment. Theres a hallway on the third floor. A net thats blocking these zombies, this net that looks thin, but its incredibly flexible, so they can tear it apart.

This net is green, and the leaves are sticky. As he approached Esther William, he discovered that it was a kind of vine that was woven into a net. He peeked at Hilary Bush, one is an old boy. He told the truth without hiding anything:

– This is when I develop my dysfunction.

– Your explosive energys pretty strong, You can hold them off for that long.

Hilary Bush laughed:

– Theres a reason, actually, for plastic. This plant contains an anesthetic, which is now useless for zombies, but when its first formed, it makes them weak. Im a lot because of us is still half-human.

– Your vines can produce anesthetic?

– Not really, I haven figured it out yet, sort of. I don know if its because of my consciousness.

– What do you mean by that?

– I was hoping I could hold them off for a long time. A little more, so I don know if the anesthetic is already in the plant or if its up to my consciousness. Plastics produce harmful substances. Its numb.

Esther William looked for a moment and said:

– We still have a long way to go. I wish my eyes were out of here.

– Yes.

All five of us turned our backs and tried to go up. A very strong wind came from behind, like a blade that tore the wind with it. Esther William jumped from inertia to inertia. When he regained consciousness, he discovered that this was live ammunition hit by a dead body from that net. This weapon was powerful but fast enough to be stopped by Bridget Henrys shock. Azura George raised his hands below a kind look at Esther William:

– Esther, come down…

Thats when Esther William looked back on himself. Its transformed, its got its tail and claws, and its got to go up on the wall to hide. He knows instinctively that the cats hideout is superhuman. He didn think it would be this bad, so embarrassed!

Esther William after a long pause. His face decided to jump down, and Azura George was like a guardian and embraced him. In front of Bridget Henry and Beatrix Henry they don stop firing at the mutant that just started the mutant. The strange thing is that this zombie is hiding, and its like theres hidden magic that makes Bridget Henrys electricity impossible to hit. Look in the dark uses the flexible dysfunction of this corpse. Maybe hes been in secondary school, or hes at the top of his level, a corpse compared to a false abnormality. The attack is faster, but the power will be in the form of an energy explosion, which is difficult to sustain for a long time. With Beatrix Henrys support, they win soon.