《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》[END GAME I: End Of The World Game!] - Chapter 10: Half A Zombie!

This teenager looks like a little cat looking at Beatrix Henry, and Beatrix unfortunately, has something to do with it, and he raises his eyebrows to express his thoughts, and Bridget is the only one who has bright eyes to take a step forward.

– You
e a warrior with an atypical ability?

– Thats right.

– What kind of system? Are you starting to show your skills? When did you use it? For how long?

This is what Azura George said, and you seem to be very focused on finding a warrior with an atypical ability. The boy didn seem too hasty to answer, he slowly said:

– My dysfunction is Wooden, but my wound isn strong, and Im more prone to treatment.

Esther William nods, an atypical natural system like the Moons, is more likely to heal and control, which is supportive. If this teenager is with Beatrix Henry and Bridget Henry, its a fantastic combination, our team. Theyll have a superpower Magnetic Field at a close radius. Its a lack of energy that the wind system never uses. We run out and a super-support of the Wind system will continue to heal, even if we
e weaker, well be able to hold out for quite a long time. They can wait for someone to come and help them. Its normal to get better. Esther William immediately asked:

– Whats your name? How old are you?

– Im sixteen years old, Hilary Bush and people still call me Hilary.

Esther William nods, still 16 years old, but Hilary Bush looks much more mature than his age. Hilary Bush sneaked another glance at Beatrix Henry and squinted his eyes, and the corners of his mouth were hidden. He looks at me with love. Hes arrogant:

– You can accept me, right?

– My goal is to find a warrior with an atypical ability, and you
e the one we need.

– Thank you so much! You
e such a nice person.

Hilary Bush rushed to take Beatrix Henrys hand without a word of warning, and when he wanted to hug him, he pointed in the middle of his forehead with a gun without daring to do anything. Bridget Henry gave it to the young as if he liked this boy. His hands were blocked, and his tone was make peace:

– Just a kid. Don even think about it.

– Are you two brothers? It doesn look the same at all.

Hilary Bush has a playful smile on his mouth, but his eyes are full of rhetoric.

– Hes a little aggressive, but hes also very authoritative, someone I trust more.

Beatrix Henry squinted his eyes for a moment, the corners of his lips twitching, and this is the first time Esther William has seen this look of failure Hilary found his weakness. Beatrix Henry was just a little surprised. Just a little and get it back quickly to the corners of his eyelashes. He raised his voice very clearly:

– Trust me, will you let I ** you, its hard to find someone in this decaying world whos willing to take care of you for a long time.

Esther William, whose lips were raised instead of the boy, replied:

– As soon as I met you, I wanted to ** you. You?

Esther William suddenly had a faint look at Azura George when he discovered that he was looking at himself too, and his face was revealed with shame. The two of them confirmed that they met in less than two hours after he ate him. Its true, it is a mess.

But Hilary Bush didn seem to be embarrassed at all, but gently replied to Beatrix Henry:

– Id love to.

Wow… Esther William wanted to ask why they could say such things without changing their faces. Young people are growing so fast right now!

And Bridget Henry was not very happy, and he was always behind Beatrix Henry, and now even the person he liked, the impression was that the other person would only fit in the eyes of his brilliant brother. Frustrated, Bridget Henry changed the subject:

– So what about this walker, what are we going to do?

Bridget Henry pointed to a dead body tied to the floor, Hilary Bush replied:

– Hes not fully tested, completely self-contained thinking. Its just that the other guys were scared, so I had to tie him up.

Hilary Bush answered Esther William very quickly, but the more curious he was about it, he asked:

– What do you mean, not completely tested?

– So hes just a shape-shifter, etc. My thoughts don change. You could call him a zombie dealer.

– Sell the walkers?

– What do you mean sell walkers?

Its not just a question. Esther William, because in the ancient book William the House of Commons records, theres never been such a sale of a corpse. And all of them have become corpses. If they are zombies, they lose consciousness. Hilary Bush answered very quickly:

– I checked, but he looked. Hes like a zombie, his eyes are white, and his language is uncle